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    Weel Lite

    Build and future-proof emotional wellbeing

    Weel Lite was designed specifically for those wanting to build and future-proof their emotional wellbeing.  It is delivered in two half day or evening workshops, along with an optional face-to-face session with a Weel Coach.

    The workshops are ideal for those not yet experiencing the symptoms associated with anxiety, stress and other psychological conditions.  The workshops help you discover yourself and, using positive psychology and evidence-based activities, prepare you for a more successful life and improved wellbeing.  You learn how to build the essential core strengths needed to be resilient and provide the tools necessary for dealing with life’s ups and downs.

    Weel Lite was developed in response to clients identifying the need to prepare themselves psychologically for anticipated future events.  By building resilience before it is required, people feel in control of themselves, have better self-esteem and are less affected emotionally by life’s experiences.  By investing in their emotional future, they are physically and psychologically healthier.

    You learn about applied positive psychology, and how to recognise and change any limiting beliefs you hold. You will create a sense of personal power for yourself – a power which will enable you to change your usual responses to events and experiences in your life. The Approach helps you to build a strong sense of self-efficacy and self-belief, as well as to develop a high, stable self-esteem and learn how to resist social pressures and anxiety. Through discussion and the use of examples, we show you how to apply these core elements to your own life.

    The Weel Lite workshops involve two 120-minute group sessions, followed by an optional 60 minute individual session with your allocated coach (face to face or via Teams/Skype/Facetime/Etc).