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    Weel Face-to-Face

    Get the support you need to flourish, in-person

    The Weel Face-to-Face Approach for Individuals is a mix of insightful discussion, laughter and fun, and is of course packed full of information. We also provide supplementary reading and audiovisual material online, which you access via your own personal Weel account.

    You learn about applied positive psychology, and how to recognise and change any limiting beliefs you hold. You will create a sense of personal power for yourself – a power which will enable you to change your usual responses to events and experiences in your life. The Approach helps you to build a strong sense of self-efficacy and self-belief, as well as to develop a high, stable self-esteem and learn how to resist social pressures and anxiety. Through discussion, we apply these core elements to the specific areas in your life where you feel they’re most needed.

    The Core Programme involves 5 to 7 sessions (90 mins) with a coach either face to face or via Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facetime, etc.  Sessions can be scheduled to suit your calendar.


    • Understand what makes you tick.
    • Understand that what you believe determines how much power you feel you have to change your life.
    • Gain a vastly increased belief in your own skills and resources and in your self-efficacy.
    • Understand how you think, feel and react, and how these have a profound effect on your life experience.
    • Understand the role limiting beliefs have played in your life and how to change them.
    • Understand how you create anxiety, stress, and fears, and how to get control over them.
    • Understand how to recognise your emotional triggers and take control.
    • Understand your self-esteem, where it comes from and how to increase it.
    • Understand how to flourish in life.

    Why would I want Face-to-Face sessions when I can do it online?

    Our Online programme  is excellent but sometimes we’re able to better tailor our Face-to-Face sessions to suit you. If you find that something is a bit challenging then we can go through it with you in your own time, answer any questions you have and get you on the right track.

    If you find that making changes in your life is proving to be a struggle you can talk it through with your Weel Coach who will provide support throughout and help you to understand the reasons why. Having direct contact with someone to talk things over when you need to will help you to get the best out of the Approach.