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    Weel for Individuals

    Helping you to be the best version of yourself

    The Weel Approach for Individuals is a 5-part, tailored programme that you can either do at home by yourself Online or through Face-to-Face sessions with a Weel Coach.

    We feel passionate about giving people the tools they need in order to flourish. The Weel Approach for Individuals is specifically designed to help people build these essential core strengths that are needed in every area of our lives.

    The Weel Approach was born out of our deep conviction that the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves can be unlocked, aspirations set free and new levels of attainment achieved.  People who are more resilient, who feel in control of themselves, who have better self-esteem and who demonstrate self-efficacy, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills will not only flourish themselves but also help others to flourish too. People with these emotional intelligence skills are not only more productive, they are also physically and psychologically healthier.


    The Weel Face-to-Face Approach is life changing. It helps you discover yourself, to prepare for a more successful life and improved wellbeing through challenging existing thoughts and emotional patterns, and encouraging positivity and self awareness with evidence-based activities. read more...


    The Weel Online Approach is be available now. Read more…