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    CC – How can I help my child – a taster session

    CC – How can I help my child – a taster session
    23rd July 2023 Admin

    How can I help build resilience in my child, support their mental health now and help lay strong foundations for their future?

    Here at Caffee Coach, we believe all you need is love…

    Well maybe not all but it’s a great start and after that there are certain psychological principles when consistently applied and adapted to the different stages of child development, help with building self-esteem and strong internal belief systems.

    The nearest and richest source for building emotional security comes from a child’s primary carers. The way to help every child build a sense of security and a strong base for building self-esteem through the coming years is not complex and can be learned by anyone. In addition to perhaps the more obvious supply of food, warmth and shelter, a secure and consistent emotional environment modelled directly by the grown-ups around, seriously pays dividends! Following are ideas you may wish to ponder when considering your role as parent/carer.

    Don’t get bogged down. It’s simply a chance to reflect and perhaps better understand how your own response might interlink or even influence a young child’s personal challenges… We hope you will really enjoy this taster session and want to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

    There are 8 points to consider below. As an example, why not take one day at a time to think about each one? After that, you might want to make some personal notes of your own as so often one thing leads to another. Primarily we hope the exercise helps you notice everything you have to offer as a parent/carer. Because it’s so very easy to do the opposite…

    So here you go!