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    Programmes CTAs 2×2 home

    Programmes CTAs 2×2 home
    18th December 2017 Admin

    Weel for Business

    The key goal in the Weel Approach for Business is to deliver training, development and coaching to improve wellbeing, personal effectiveness and productivity in your business. Courses offered include teamwork, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and sales. Find out more… 

    Weel for Education

    The Weel Approach for Education  works directly with young people and through CPD for staff to help you raise attainment, prepare young people for the world of work – giving young people the core personal and employability skills they need to reach their potential both during school and beyond.  Find out more…

    Weel for Sport

    The Weel Approach for Sport works for both individual sportspeople and team players across all sporting pursuits. Find out more…

    Weel for Individuals

    The Weel Approach for Individuals helps people to overcome many difficulties including depression, stress and anxiety. Find out more…